PlayersClub Poker Guide

If you are currently a member of FullTillPoker and play at any MGM Mirage Casinos & Resorts or you plan too in the future then you need to make sure you read through this guide. If you haven’t heard of the it’s a club for all of the players who play in the MGM Mirage Casinos & Resorts. You can sign-up to become a member of the club on the internet for free and then next time you’re in one of the casinos who support the program you’ll be able to get your player’s card. There are twelve casinos who currently use this program and they are as followed.

* Bellagio
* Mandalay Bay
* MGM Grand
* The Mirage
* Treasure Island
* Monte Carlo
* New York – New York
* Luxor
* Excalibur
* Beau Rivage – Bilouxi
* Gold Strike – Tunica
* MGM Grand – Detroit

When you sign-up for your player’s card at you’ll need to make sure you always bring it with you when you go to play at one of the above listed casinos. You simply give the dealer your player’s card when you sit down to play and the amount of time you play is tracked. You’ll earn points for the amount of time you spend playing the games in the casino and the more time you spend playing the more points you’ll earn. The points you earn while playing in any of the casinos can be used towards tickets to shows, accommodation in any of the MGM Grand Hotels & Resorts, golf tickets and much more.

As a member of the player’s club you’ll also become eligible to take part in exclusive promotions for the members of this club. Almost every month the player’s club members are able to take part in a free play at the slot machines in any of the supported casinos. You also can take part in the Holiday Shopping Spree which is a program where you earn points when you earn player points. It doesn’t take away any of your player points so there is no reason not to take part in this program. The Holiday Shopping Store has many great prizes like televisions and other electronics which you can purchase with your Holiday points once you have enough for the prize you want.

It’s completely free for players to join this club and you can be from any country to join the club plus you don’t need to be active to keep your membership. This means that if you visit Vegas once a year then it’s worth it to become a member of this club so that you can earn points towards free hotel rooms or many other prizes that you can choose from. Of course the club is more ideal for players who will be playing a lot so that you earn the points quicker, but if you’re a casual player you might be able to earn a free hotel room after only a few trips. The is definitely a great club and considering this is free and you can earn great things for just playing at an MGM Grand Casino & Resort.

World Series of Poker Main Event Guide

The World Series of Poker is the most popular tour on the poker scene and thousands of poker players from around the world have been entering WSOP events every year. The numbers of entrants into the World Series of Poker events have increased every year and now the prize pools have reached extreme levels turning everyday people into millionaires.

The highlight of the World Series of Poker every year is the main event which takes place at the end of the tour and features the most entrants and biggest prizes. Last year Peter Eastgate of PockerStars won the WSOP bracelet and the massive $9,152,416 prize pool that came along with winning the event. The main event costs $10,000 every year for players to enter and anyone can enter the tournament as long as you have the $10,000 buy-in ready in cash come time for the event.

Not everyone has $10,000 to spend on a seat in the event though and this doesn’t mean you can’t play in the tournament. Almost all of the main online poker rooms offer satellite events for players where you can win seats into the WSOP main event plus accommodations and travel included. This is by far the best way to enter the tournament for everyday folk like ourselves. Satellite events into the WSOP main event are always filled with other players looking to win there chance to play in the event though and this makes it difficult to win a seat. You can enter one of these events by playing on today.

I would suggest that if you’re looking to enter the WSOP main event that you spend time looking at all the poker rooms offering satellite packages. Try to find a poker room that doesn’t have as many players as the popular poker rooms and you’ll have a better chance at winning one of the packages. If you happen to win a seat to the WSOP main event then you’ll want to start practicing right away so that you’re prepared for the event since it could change your life if you place well.

Cash game aren’t really good practice for the main event because it doesn’t offer any structure or blind changes. You need to play in MTT’s or multi-table tournaments through the online poker rooms to get the most effective practicing in for the main event. In the main event you don’t start with very many chips and the action is usually pretty crazy in the first few blind levels. You’ll want to take it slow in these levels on and try to just wait for one big hand so that you can double up your stack before the levels change. Playing tight and aggressive is the only way to go in the WSOP main event and with some luck you’ll win your battles when they happen.

If you’ve never been able to play in the WSOP main event before it’s like nothing else you’ve experienced in poker and it’ll be the best time of your poker career. I suggest playing the satellite events every year in order to try and win a seat to the event and if you can’t do that then try and win $10,000 through online poker so you can buy your seat.

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